Heather and Gayle Townsend were at the Kalmanson Gallery in March 2013

On February 18, 2013 by Neil Kalmanson


Heather Townsend

Heather an Air Force “brat,” was born in England but lived in Germany, Africa, and throughout the United states before finally moving into this area in 1974.  She always loved the arts, but until her forties, she was one of those people who would say, “I can’t draw a straight line.”  She tried, many  times to create, but she could never produce anything worthwhile.  All of that changed when her life was struck with personal tragedy in 1985.  She soon realized that in order for her to stop herself from dwelling on her problems, she was going to have to find something to keep her mind busy.  That is when she decided to take art classes at East Georgia State College.  Her desire to learn was unbelievable!  She soon learned that she could do much more than she had ever dreamed.   Her excitement for the arts was so strong, she could not get enough.  Over twenty years later, she still gets very excited when she discovers a new medium and doubts she will ever zero in on only one form of art.  She finds herself jumping from one project (medium) to another!   Her involvement in the arts and people she has met along the way, have enriched her life in so many ways.  However, her greatest achievement is her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  With a wonderful family, a job she loves (Cosmetology), and all that art!  Life is good!

Artist’s Statement

When I sit down to work on an art project, I am totally absorbed and excited about it.  As a matter of fact, for me to do the work well, I must have that excitement.  If everyone felt this way about his or her work, this world would be a better place.

Most of my projects take many, many hours.  This is why every once in awhile, I enjoy doing something that moves more quickly.  That is where my artist cards come in.  These 2 ½” by 3 ½” works of art can be done with just about any medium and can be done in a much shorter time period.  This means I am still able to use my creativity and get enjoyment but not take forever to do it.

When someone receives or purchases one of my works, he or she can be sure a lot of love and feelings went into it whether it be a fine, intricate, pen-and-ink drawing, one of the very small or extremely large clay pots I make, a delicate wire tree requiring many hours of work, a photograph of something I find most interesting, my calligraphy, or a new and creative hairdo.   I am sometimes asked:  “What is your favorite medium to use?”  I answer,”…whatever I am working with at the time.”  I hope I never run out of ideas and projects to do.  Art has helped make my life a happy one.  Yes. As I have said before.  Life is good!


Gayle Townsend

Gayle Townsend was born in Dublin, GA and at an early age moved to Swainsboro with her family, where she was raised. She attended Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy in Atlanta where she attained a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree in 2004. Introduced to art and photography by her mother at an early age, Gayle’s initial attraction to visual imagery grew into a lifelong passion. It was after moving to Savannah, GA in 2003 that she really delved into photography. Her love for photography has taken her to London, Scotland, Hawaii, Vermont, California, and Mexico, as well as countless road trips. She is drawn to lansdscapes, abandoned buildings and rural scenes but loves to experiment with different types of photography. In 2007 her work was shown at The Kalmanson Gallery in the Local Artists Exhibition where she won the “Best in Show” award. She had her first one-person exhibit in 2008 at The Kalmanson Gallery. Gayle now lives in Blackwater, MO with her family.


Artist’s Statement

Photography is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It has introduced me to some of the most amazing people and also to a whole new world around me. I see beauty in things that I once took for granted. It has allowed me to appreciate everything from the reflection of mountains in a lake to a drop of water on a blade of grass. What interests me the most about photography are all the things in the world that would never be seen if they weren’t photographed. Also, the sense of wonder that can be found in ordinary and familiar things: the emotions, personal experiences, and endless creative possibilities. It’s about capturing moments in time as well as echoes of the past. Being able to capture a moment that will never happen again is such an incredible feeling. That moment is held until someone sees it, then it becomes theirs. If I can make someone smile or be touched by my photography, then it has been a good day.

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