Robbie was at the Kalmanson May 2014

On April 20, 2014 by Neil Kalmanson


 Artist’s Statement

          What is my work about? Seems like a simple enough question, but it is hard and somewhat limiting for me to define myself, my work and artistic process. I know what I want my work to be, but often times finding it lacking. I know the artists who I would like to be like, but when comparing my work to theirs, I tend to see my shortcomings, in the light of their brilliance. Upon countless heart wrenching hours of self analysis I know what my strengths are and where my weaknesses lie. My paintings are strongly influenced by my love of the Romantic era which included artist like Goya, Blake, and the art of Francis Bacon.
I want my work to be part of the tradition of illustration in sequential art. I would like my work to be more realistic than abstract in terms of how I represent my characters and the world they live in. The characters in my designs can best be describe as chaotic noir. I want to tell crime noir stories interwoven with elements from horror and the surreal. I feel that the illustrative tradition in comics offers a better platform for me to build these stories. It is not trying to be like someone else’s work, but its own unique thing.
I find that my strengths as a storyteller and artist come from blending artistic styles and experimenting with my own limits. I draw with my right hand and I paint with my left. The work often times varies and I enjoy the struggle to balance and control what comes from this type of process. My work is at its best when there are dominate shadows and my lines have enough character and weight to them. I find it does not hold together as well with thin dainty lines, with little contrast in them. I believe my work is more effective when I keep a high level of contrast between the black and white areas. It becomes weaker when I try and to do too much hatching to denote values. My feathering and brush stokes create a dark grimy and violent motion. I truly love the chaotic and and the spontaneous line.
I am always learning more techniques, but I love the ones I’ve developed utilize to create my pieces. My goal is to have my work be an effective partner to the stories and pieces they depict, and hopefully to be enjoyed by others in my field and out.

Robbie Bailes is a local artist in Emanuel County and has worked in the comic field for several years and has been an evolving painter for the last 5 years. He is a member of the Emanuel County Artist Guild and a member of the Emanuel Arts Council. Mr. Bailes is a graduate from East Georgia College and Georgia Southern University. Mr. Bailes is currently Art Director of 7 day sin comics out of Statesboro Georgia. Also, Mr. Bailes is co-founder and collaborator of El Oso Rojo Productions. Mr. Bailes is a story teller at heart and mixes art with his creative writing and design concepts to create his stories. He fully enjoys working with young writers and artist in his community.

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